“I’ll Have The Baked Alaska, Please!”

Even though this is a really wacky name for a “not intended for commercial release” live recording of Martin Denny’s September 1964 performance at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska, this obscure gem, plucked from tapes of the live broadcast of the show on Alaskan Air Force Command Radio, is a real treat for the ears of any hardcore Martin Denny, or exotica music fan, for that matter. This rare recording, now on CD, but very hard to find, and pricey when you do, offers the listener a front row seat to a top notch show, complete with bird calls and awesome percussion elements, as per usual Denny, doing what he does best, playing tunes we all know and love, like “Quiet Village,” “Burma Train” as well as other hard to find covers, like “The World of Suzie Wong.” What else could you ask for? Just put it on, sit back, relax and let the music take you away. And if you have a tiki cocktail in hand when you do, you might never want to leave. So, when in doubt, always order the mai tai for yourself… and the Baked Alaska.

Did You Miss The “Kitty’s Fang” Recipe? Here It Is!

By popular request, since we’ve had so many people message us to give out the recipe for the “Kitty’s Fang” tiki cocktail I came up with, by experimenting with different recipes and coming up with something more to my taste, behold the final recipe!

How to make a Kitty’s Fang:

Serving: 1 – So, if you plan on having doubles, or more guests, you’ll have to do some calculating! We suggest you do all the math BEFORE you start drinking! 😉

In a cocktail shaker, combine the following ingredients:

1/2 oz. lime juice

1/2 oz. orange juice

1/2 oz. velvet falernum

1/4 oz. homemade grenadine – made with equal parts Pom pomegranate juice and white sugar

1/4 oz. passionfruit syrup. We recommend Liber

1 1/2 oz. aged dark rum – (Plantation Original Dark or Doorly’s 8 year work well with this drink.)

1/2 oz. 151 Demerara rum – (You can also use Wray & Nephew Overproof, if you don’t have 151 Demerara)

1/8 tsp absinthe. We prefer Mephisto

1 dash angostura bitters – (an extra couple of dashes if, like me, you like to taste more spices in your cocktail).

Add crushed ice

Shake for about 30 seconds to get contents very cold, or until you see frost on your cocktail shaker

Strain out contents into a Hurricane glass or tiki mug containing crushed ice.


Cheers, Baby!


Finally Found Les Baxter’s Que Mango!

Finally scored this Les Baxter album we’d been looking for, for a really long time! Que Mango! It’s lush, sophisticated, yet playful and romantic, all in one! It’s hard to pick just one track. They’re all different, yet mesh so perfectly together as an album. Play it and imagine yourself in a villa somewhere in Latin America, sipping a fine brandy or cognac, perhaps a glass of red wine or champagne, if that’s more your thing, and gazing out the window, dreaming of that special someone, planning a future rendezvous on a yacht or perhaps running wild with abandon with them through a field of flowers, and feeling all is right with the world, because when you play Les Baxter’s music, it is.

Les Baxter’s masterpiece- Que Mango!

Nights At “The Harem Scare ‘Em”

Two things usually happen when you put on “East of Suez“ by The 101 Strings Orchestra: 1) You either start walking around the room, sort of like Peter O’Toole in “Lawrence of Arabia”, looking for your camel, smoking cigarettes, and squinting for no apparent reason or 2) You feel the need to light some incense, grab some scarves and start dancing, freestyle, around the room, like Cleopatra at a rave. Trust us. It’s very theatrical, very cinematic. Very….very. But, in a good way. Just like exotica music. Once you’ve heard the whole album, though, don’t blame us if you get the sudden urge to order a side of falafel, decorate your bedroom with a bunch of colorful throw pillows and go around blinking your eyes and crossing your arms at people you don’t want to deal with, but it never works. Don’t say we never warned you!

Happy New Year!

We hope 2020 has already become a far distant memory for all of you, as foggy as everyone’s crazy Uncle Joe’s visions of sugar plums dancing to the frenzied beats of Perez Prado and Cugat’s mambo records after indulging in a few too many mai tais! 😀 We are soooo looking forward to a far better 2021, full of health, wealth and happier times for all of us! And we’re thrilled to continue to be a regular part of your weekends and very excited for what the coming year will bring us all! Here’s to a fabulous 2021! So, with that said, let’s all follow Mr. Moai and Mini Moai’s words of ancient wisdom and “Tiki On!” Cheers, baby!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From “Kitty & Mr. C’s Enchanted Tiki Hut Show! We’re so grateful for each and every one of you and for your continued support of this show, and so very happy to have you as our guest each week for our virtual happy hour in the tiki hut! Happy Holidays and all the best to you and yours! Cheers! 🗿☃️🎄🌴🎵🍹🍸🎼😉 xo- Kitty & Mr. C!

These Martin Denny Reissues from Jackpot Records Make the Perfect Holiday Gift!

If you haven’t done your holiday shopping by now, I’m sorry, but come Christmas Eve, some folks aren’t going to be too happy with you! These albums aren’t what I got Mr. C for Christmas, but, rather, what he got ME for my birthday, and I just now got around to posting about it! These babies are audiophile-grade reissues, pressed on limited edition 180g colored vinyl in the prettiest jewel tones. They just scream holiday lights and festive tiki cheer to me! I wish I could shrink them and turn them into Christmas tree ornaments so I could hang them on our tree, or make them into earrings! No! No I don’t! I want to stare at these records all day, like a hypnotized cat, as the platters spin round and round on my turntable to the beat of Augie Colon’s bongos! Hey! Jackpot Records is still selling these! They would make a great gift for someone who’s really into exotica, Martin Denny AND colored vinyl records! Just sayin’! Even if they do happen to get their gift after Christmas, they’ll still love you for it!

So, who did RSD this year??!!

Relax, everybody! Lol! Kitty and Mr. C are not advocating the liberal use of pharmaceuticals! (Rum…maybe…but that’s it!) RSD stands for Record Store Day, an annual event that lots of independent record stores participate in. We participated in a recent one, and scored one of only two of these Martin Denny reissues that got sent to New Mexico, so I’d say we were pretty damn lucky! This was put out by Jackpot Records. Check it out! Exotic Moog! Woo hoo!

Exotic Moog reissue – Martin Denny – Jackpot Records
Jackpot Records Reissue Label – Exotic Moog – Martin Denny

Saturday’s Treasure Hunt Finds!

Hey hey hey, tiki fam! What’s up?! I know it’s been a hot minute since we last posted, and I promise I am trying to get better at being more frequent with the postings, I swear! Haha! So, here goes! We went out looking for exotica records this weekend, and guess what we found! Drumroll please! Granted, we had to visit three different record stores to score all of these, but we were on a mission to find new records to share with you, so expect to hear something from these albums on an upcoming show! Cheers, and we hope your week turns out being as fab for you as all of you are to us! xo K & Mr. C