Welcome to Kitty & Mr. C’s Enchanted Tiki Hut! Step inside! There’s always room for one more! If you must be quarantined, this is definitely the best place to hide out! Great friends, great music! We play the best old school and new school Exotica, tiki, lounge, South Seas music, surf, Space Age, bachelor pad sounds, groovy Latin, Brazilian beats, private eye and sultry cocktail jazz to soothe the Midcentury savage beast….or wake him up! Either way, it’s always just what your tired, overworked body needs to wind down from the drudgery of the past week! Step into Exotica Ville, where the drinks are always cool and the music’s always hot! Hand me that Mai Tai! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Hang ten, baby! Cheers and Aloha!

You can also listen to our shows on FM 99.9 KUPR-LP and KUPR.ORG Saturdays 5-7 PM MDT!

So, who are we? We’re a husband and wife team – a “Dynamic Duo” of sorts, you might say…(quite boldly, I might add), but we’ll take that compliment, shamelessly!) 😀

We’ve spent a lifetime (and if you believe in reincarnation, probably several lifetimes!) searching for the music that makes people happy and we think we’ve found the magic formula, and we’re more than happy to share it with you!

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