So, who did RSD this year??!!

Relax, everybody! Lol! Kitty and Mr. C are not advocating the liberal use of pharmaceuticals! (Rum…maybe…but that’s it!) RSD stands for Record Store Day, an annual event that lots of independent record stores participate in. We participated in a recent one, and scored one of only two of these Martin Denny reissues that got sent to New Mexico, so I’d say we were pretty damn lucky! This was put out by Jackpot Records. Check it out! Exotic Moog! Woo hoo!

Exotic Moog reissue – Martin Denny – Jackpot Records
Jackpot Records Reissue Label – Exotic Moog – Martin Denny

Saturday’s Treasure Hunt Finds!

Hey hey hey, tiki fam! What’s up?! I know it’s been a hot minute since we last posted, and I promise I am trying to get better at being more frequent with the postings, I swear! Haha! So, here goes! We went out looking for exotica records this weekend, and guess what we found! Drumroll please! Granted, we had to visit three different record stores to score all of these, but we were on a mission to find new records to share with you, so expect to hear something from these albums on an upcoming show! Cheers, and we hope your week turns out being as fab for you as all of you are to us! xo K & Mr. C

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Happy Father’s Day from Kitty & Mr. C!!

Well, we realize it’s been a long time since we last posted anything, but with work, home life, producing the shows, etc, time just seems to slip away! Anyways, we thought we’d make up for it by sharing with you some new albums Mr. C and I picked up recently! Some were Mother’s Day gifts that trickled in at various times during May, and the belly dancing one is my Father’s Day gift to Mr. C! 😜 Not sure how that’s going to pan out! There are no instructions in the album! Hahaha! Wish me luck! To all the dads out there, we hope you all have a fabulous day! Cheers to you!

Ritual of The Savage by Les Baxter
Swingin’ Sounds for The Jungle Jet Set by The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Mganga! by Tak Shindo
Little Egypt Presents How to Belly-Dance for Your Husband by Sonny Lester, His Orchestra & Chorus
Tamboo by Les Baxter
African Jazz by Les Baxter
Idol Worship and Other Primitive Pleasures

Happy Mother’s Day From Kitty & Mr. C!!

We hope all of you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with your moms, or remembering your moms! Mr. C got me this beautiful Voodoo lll album, in blue vinyl, by Robert Drasnin. Saturday’s show is now up in the Mixcloud Shows link, available for you to download and enjoy! Mahalo for your support of the show and cheers to you, moms all over the world!

Alooohaaa! And Cheers, Baby! Welcome to “Kitty & Mr. C’s” New Website!

New show from 5/2/20 now uploaded to our website!

Kitty & Mr. C's Enchanted Tiki Hut Show

Sit down! Let us make you a nice tiki drink! We hope you have lots of fun here! You can listen to our show podcasts by clicking on the “Mixcloud Shows” link at the top of the page!

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