Do The Bossanova, Baby!

So, we went record….and rum hunting….

(Listen to the album here!)

And look what we found! A sophisticated, sexy compilation album of Brazilian gems that gets even the most cynical hipster out there, tapping their toes and swearing they’re really on the balmy shores of Ipanema! Plus, we found a bottle of Lemon Hart 151 for our tiki concoction, lol! WHAT?! 😲 We NEVER find that here! We made a couple of drinks tonight, as you can see, to match the colors in the Brazilian album cover! And we are throwing in Tak Shindo’s Mganga album, tonight, as well, for that extra exotica flavor! Why the pirate skull?! Why not?! Rum always reminds us of adventure! And record, as well as rum hunting IS A DEFINITE ADVENTURE AROUND HERE, 😉 🍹🌴🍸Afterhours in the tiki hut is happening, people! Come on in! Cheers!

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