Doing the Mambo Tonight…with a Dirty Martini and Cal Tjader!

“Mambo With Tjader” is one of our favorite albums by Cal Tjader. From the cover to the actual music, it’s just a party album, all the way! You can’t help but dance to it, regardless of whether you know how to do the mambo or not! Mr. C gifted this one to me, in red vinyl, no less! I used to bring my CD of this one to his house when we first met. Do ya think Cal tipped the scales in my favor? I think he did! Thanks, Cal! I’m so glad Cal brought us together! We are such big fans! And, now, we get to share his music with you! How lucky can ya get?! Not much more, I say! Cheers to the wonderful music of Cal! And a pair of dirty martinis is perfect for the occasion!

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