More Cal Tjader Albums! (What Else is New?!)

Yesterday Mr. C and I went out to one of our favorite record stores in town, following a hot tip from the owner, who knew we love Cal Tjader and called us last week to let us know he had put some of Cal’s albums aside for us! (Don’t ya just love it when that happens?!) Needless to say, no one needs to ever tell us twice about one of Cal’s albums! We’re on our way there, as soon as they mention his name! We already have these two albums, but it’s always neat to have doubles of everything, isn’t it?! Mai Tais, martinis, favorite books, Cal Tjader ALBUMS!!! Both of these are great albums! We hope you love Cal as much as we do! He really set the bar high, and his sound is uniquely Cal’s! There will never be another like him!

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