Anybody up for a Waltz (or a Samba) in the Tropics with Edmundo Ros? Yes, Please!

Edmundo Ros and his Orchestra – Rhythms of the South

If anyone can turn classical tunes like “Blue Danube” and other frothy confections, into danceable, fanciful tunes just ripe for playing at your next Latin dance-themed cocktail party, it’s Edmundo Ros! His “Rhythms of the South” album is a charming and invigorating album, guaranteed to make you want to dance your partner around the room like a frenzied Arthur Murray on a caffeine kick…or Captain Von Trapp and Maria in “The Sound of Music”! (Feel free to dance solo, if you can’t find a willing partner, but maybe not while cutting vegetables in the kitchen!) Featuring tangos, sambas, guarachas, rhumbas, merengues, and other tasty rhythms, Edmundo’s sometimes unexpected arrangements especially shine on a couple of songs that you wouldn’t expect to fit neatly in an album of mostly traditional Latin dance music, like Colonel Bogey’s March done as a merengue! Strangely…or not, since Edmundo IS a musical genius, it works! This delightful record will leave a refreshing taste on your musical palate and keep you wanting more from the king of the tropics! And a one and a two and repeat! By George, you’ve got it, kids!

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