It’s a Good Thing When The Easter Bunny Brings Records Instead of Candy! (Make Sure You Scroll Through All The Record Pics in This Post! There Are a Lot of Them!)

This week we got a special delivery! No, the stork didn’t pay us a visit! That bird has already flown! 😂 We got my (or rather OUR anniversary gift in the mail, since both of us enjoy Martin Denny’s music!) They are the Jackpot Records Denny reissues of Primitiva, Exotica II and Afro-Desia! They were worth the wait, though,considering our anniversary was in February, and there was a slight snag in the manufacturing of the album due to a shortage of colored vinyl pellets, which caused a longer delivery time. The sound on these is awesome, the packaging great, and it’s always fun spinning colored vinyl! We also picked up some other cool records this Saturday, and then came home to enjoy them with a tiki cocktail! You’ll notice I have my Shag mug and Mr. C has on his favorite Vince Ray shirt! All in all it was a great week!

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