“I’ll Have The Baked Alaska, Please!”

Even though this is a really wacky name for a “not intended for commercial release” live recording of Martin Denny’s September 1964 performance at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska, this obscure gem, plucked from tapes of the live broadcast of the show on Alaskan Air Force Command Radio, is a real treat for the ears of any hardcore Martin Denny, or exotica music fan, for that matter. This rare recording, now on CD, but very hard to find, and pricey when you do, offers the listener a front row seat to a top notch show, complete with bird calls and awesome percussion elements, as per usual Denny, doing what he does best, playing tunes we all know and love, like “Quiet Village,” “Burma Train” as well as other hard to find covers, like “The World of Suzie Wong.” What else could you ask for? Just put it on, sit back, relax and let the music take you away. And if you have a tiki cocktail in hand when you do, you might never want to leave. So, when in doubt, always order the mai tai for yourself… and the Baked Alaska.

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