Did You Miss The “Kitty’s Fang” Recipe? Here It Is!

By popular request, since we’ve had so many people message us to give out the recipe for the “Kitty’s Fang” tiki cocktail I came up with, by experimenting with different recipes and coming up with something more to my taste, behold the final recipe!

How to make a Kitty’s Fang:

Serving: 1 – So, if you plan on having doubles, or more guests, you’ll have to do some calculating! We suggest you do all the math BEFORE you start drinking! 😉

In a cocktail shaker, combine the following ingredients:

1/2 oz. lime juice

1/2 oz. orange juice

1/2 oz. velvet falernum

1/4 oz. homemade grenadine – made with equal parts Pom pomegranate juice and white sugar

1/4 oz. passionfruit syrup. We recommend Liber

1 1/2 oz. aged dark rum – (Plantation Original Dark or Doorly’s 8 year work well with this drink.)

1/2 oz. 151 Demerara rum – (You can also use Wray & Nephew Overproof, if you don’t have 151 Demerara)

1/8 tsp absinthe. We prefer Mephisto

1 dash angostura bitters – (an extra couple of dashes if, like me, you like to taste more spices in your cocktail).

Add crushed ice

Shake for about 30 seconds to get contents very cold, or until you see frost on your cocktail shaker

Strain out contents into a Hurricane glass or tiki mug containing crushed ice.


Cheers, Baby!


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