Nights At “The Harem Scare ‘Em”

Two things usually happen when you put on “East of Suez“ by The 101 Strings Orchestra: 1) You either start walking around the room, sort of like Peter O’Toole in “Lawrence of Arabia”, looking for your camel, smoking cigarettes, and squinting for no apparent reason or 2) You feel the need to light some incense, grab some scarves and start dancing, freestyle, around the room, like Cleopatra at a rave. Trust us. It’s very theatrical, very cinematic. Very….very. But, in a good way. Just like exotica music. Once you’ve heard the whole album, though, don’t blame us if you get the sudden urge to order a side of falafel, decorate your bedroom with a bunch of colorful throw pillows and go around blinking your eyes and crossing your arms at people you don’t want to deal with, but it never works. Don’t say we never warned you!

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