These Martin Denny Reissues from Jackpot Records Make the Perfect Holiday Gift!

If you haven’t done your holiday shopping by now, I’m sorry, but come Christmas Eve, some folks aren’t going to be too happy with you! These albums aren’t what I got Mr. C for Christmas, but, rather, what he got ME for my birthday, and I just now got around to posting about it! These babies are audiophile-grade reissues, pressed on limited edition 180g colored vinyl in the prettiest jewel tones. They just scream holiday lights and festive tiki cheer to me! I wish I could shrink them and turn them into Christmas tree ornaments so I could hang them on our tree, or make them into earrings! No! No I don’t! I want to stare at these records all day, like a hypnotized cat, as the platters spin round and round on my turntable to the beat of Augie Colon’s bongos! Hey! Jackpot Records is still selling these! They would make a great gift for someone who’s really into exotica, Martin Denny AND colored vinyl records! Just sayin’! Even if they do happen to get their gift after Christmas, they’ll still love you for it!

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